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05-02-21, 20:29
This next build went though several iterations, but I really do feel that it is in its final form. The idea for this weapon was built out of a few different wants and needs. After tearing my shoulder apart pretty badly in an on duty "event", there was an immediate need for surgery. The shoulder still gives issue, though that's just par for living a combative lifestyle, it doesn't change that there are days that even a few pounds of difference on a long gun can leverage things the wrong way. Enter the desire for a light weight long gun that is highly accurate, and in the AR15 vein.

The first pic shows the muzzle device that I went with after playing around with a few others. It worked quite well, and I wasn't in any hurry to swap it out. However, I eventually was sent the longer 3 port device shown in the later images. It was listed as a competition device on the card it came with, but I can't remember what the name of the company is who made it. If anyone knows, please post it so I can give them credit. It really does work well.

Next up is the barrel, which is the Noveske Rogue Hunter. This particular barrel is a light weight stainless steel version, which came from John Noveske a number of years back. The barrel is very accurate, and serves its intended role very well. Holding and shielding the barrel is a 15" rail from Gear Sector. GS is no longer operational, which is really a shame. The founder, Jason Trusty came out with the rail, and a series of mounting options a year or so before MLOK was released. My time frame might not be exact, but its pretty close. MLOK and earlier, Keymod, buried everything that came out around that time. There simply wasn't enough room in the mind of consumers who were used to the sole options of a tube or a 1913 rail.

The upper and lower receiver are billet, and from Cross Machine and Tool. Jeff Cross makes great stuff, and the barrel extension went into the upper receiver with zero slop, and some positive pressure. I bring this up because years back, a wannabe gun writer complained that the receivers were too tight. The guy preferred barrel extensions to drop in easy and have some play. I still shake my head when I think how clueless that person was (is). In this case, the upper and lower have a tight, close fit. No need to get out a mallet, but no extra play either. Simply perfect.

This wore a standard USGI style trigger for a long time, but eventually it was replaced with a flat trigger from CMC Triggers. This model is a single stage trigger, and is of the heavier triggers they make. Most people want a trigger as light as possible, but I prefer the 4.5-5lb pull. The trigger is unbelievably clean, and the break is wonderful. I understand some people don't like external screws to capture the trigger and hammer pin, but a small dab of threadlocker eliminates any possibilities of them coming loose.

The folding sights are the lowest profile that I've ever come across, and since they aren't made anymore, there isn't much point in talking about them. I will say that they were branded by Rainier Arms, though my friends at RA are not the ones who manufactured it. I don't recall if RA had any production changes, or if this was a model simply co-branded (like Troy sights).

The charging handle is the Raptor ambi model from Radian / AXTS, and came finished in FDE. The safety is the ambi 45 degree version, and is also from Radian / AXTS. Both of these components give a greater ease of use, not necessarily for being ambi, but more because they are machined to a higher level of precision.

Up top we have an optic which has been discontinued, but is still available at https://www.eurooptic.com/vortex-viper-pst-1-4x24-rifle-scope-tmcq-moa-pst-14st-a.aspx for $379. If you have remote interest in a 1-4x illuminated scope, this is worth kicking around. I own two, and I'm hard pressed not to buy another (or 2). The eye relief is great, the glass is clean, and the illumination works well. There are plenty of people who like to poo poo Vortex in favor of their favorite more expensive brands. I get it, I tend to be snobbish when it comes to firearms and components, but this little scope is in a class of its own. The Vortex warranty is great, though I admit I've only ever had to use it on my spotting scope. There are certainly going to be scopes that are cleaner, but not anywhere near this price range. 1-4 may be dated when compared to new offerings, but the 1-4 glass is going to be quicker to use than 1-8 or 1-10 ultra offerings.

The scope is locked to the upper receiver by way of Midwest Industries mount. I chose this because I dislike offerings that cam a groove into receivers, and the pricing on the MI mounts are very good. The MI mount hold returns to zero when removed and reinstalled, and any small discrepancies won't be noticeable with a 1-4 with any quality mount anyway. I would put the MI QD mounts up against any of the other players, and have no doubt they would hold their own against everything but the most elite of manufacturers.

Why an A1 rifle stock instead of an adjustable carbine stock? It really works in this application, and the rifle spring and buffer combo makes the shooting experience super smooth. I think we all too often think of rifle stocks as only for longer barrels and "AWB" states. The A1 stock length works well while wearing a tshirt or heavy clothing.

Overall, this 16" rifle is perfect for my needs, and probably for the needs of most people. The size is beat by the balance. By that I mean the long rail and light barrel balance well with the A1 length stock. The scope is limited by its 1-4 magnification, but works well for target ID or engagement at short to medium range.

Check out the below pics, and please remember that the first pic is the early version, and the others are how it currently sits.

Please feel free to ask questions or share comments, and I'll post this over in my section of the forum as well so no one is left out.








05-02-21, 20:41
Very nice, Stick. Midlength gas?

05-02-21, 21:46
I picked up another of those 1-4 PSTs a few months back when they were $299 and encouraged some friends to pick up 4 or 5 in total at that price. Not new or sexy but fantastic value.

Where did you get the fde fixed stock?

05-02-21, 23:38
Sorry to hear Gear Sector is no more. I didnít have a lot of their stuff, but what I have is nice.

Furniture from CavArms?

I need to get some more CMT stuff. Their handguard is perfect.

05-03-21, 11:24
Very nice, Stick. Midlength gas?

Affirm, I should have mentioned that part. My bad.

05-03-21, 11:27
I picked up another of those 1-4 PSTs a few months back when they were $299 and encouraged some friends to pick up 4 or 5 in total at that price. Not new or sexy but fantastic value.

Where did you get the fde fixed stock?

Yeah, the $300 mark is absolutely a fantastic price. I hate to say something is great for the price, because then it sounds cheap on many levels. This is simply a great little scope IMHO regardless of price. While it is not better than my Vortex 1-6 mil model, the two 1-4 PST models that I own get a lot more use than the 1-6.

The FDE stock was a gift from a buddy, but as far as I know it is simply an A1 stock that went out on a date with Captain Krylon.

05-03-21, 11:31
Sorry to hear Gear Sector is no more. I didn’t have a lot of their stuff, but what I have is nice.

Furniture from CavArms?

I need to get some more CMT stuff. Their handguard is perfect.

I think the biggest problem with GS was that Jason was an absolute perfectionist. He wasn’t willing to do anything at less than perfect. That resulted in fantastic products, but it also meant that a lot of his ideas and concepts never saw the light of day.

No furniture on this is from Cav Arms, it’s just stuff which was painted already or that I painted.

CMT makes great stuff, I wish I had more of it.