View Full Version : Gun store near or in Boerne, Texas

05-30-21, 18:12
Cuz living in Boerne decided with joeBama in office time to purchase an AR. Havenít shot since AF basic training in the 80ís.

I figured a local gun store would be much better than a chain store.

Any recommendations?

06-05-21, 09:22
I cannot recall any shops in the immediate Boerne area.

Nearest options I've used: The Gun Shack in Helotes, then Adelbridge in SA. Nagel's in SA is ok but has gone downhill in the last few years, IMO.

Dury's in SA is terrible, sky-high prices even before election craze.

06-08-21, 22:39
Go to the gun show in San Antonio where you'll have variety to choose from multiple dealers. Sorry I live in DFW where there are literally hundreds of firearms shops...

06-08-21, 23:02
Tell him to check out Buck and Doe Mercantile on SR 281


Also Armed in America...also on 281


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