View Full Version : Anyone try the NEW AAC 77 grain OTM ammo?

04-04-23, 11:06
Has anyone tried this ammo yet? If so, what did you think of it?

At 55 cents a round, I think AAC could seriously plant their flag on this as proof of them being serious. I'm not sure if they will keep this price, or if its just an intro, but if they were able to keep it this low, AND if it shot decently (wouldn't need to be perfect) along with decent gel ratings, they would start to carve a chunk of the ammo market for themselves.



04-04-23, 11:43
There's a thread going in the ammo/reloading forum. We should be shooting some this weekend.

04-04-23, 12:29
Interesting, I just bought a bunch of IMI 77gr that shoots great, but it’s more expensive. I’ve stayed away from the S&B 77gr because it’s not the SMK bullet. But this AAC stuff is even cheaper. Might switch over to it.

04-04-23, 12:34
I have used it. I would say that it is just as good as the IMI 77 gr stuff out there. I was getting Sub MOA with a SS Noveske barrel at 200 yards. For the price it is great training ammo.

04-04-23, 12:59
I wonder if the price will stay the same when back in stock.

04-04-23, 13:45
I wonder if the price will stay the same when back in stock.

I was doing a search and threads from the other place came up. The PSA/ AAC guys were talking like that would be the standard price, at least for awhile. I have 200 rounds of it coming, I'll see how it is before I order any more.

04-04-23, 13:46
Hard to screw up a 77 gr SMK. One of my buddies wanted to buy 5K rounds and never load .223 again.

04-04-23, 14:26
Not a master shot, but a few weekends ago, IWI 77gr RazorCore shot a little better for me.

I was at a long range class over the weekend, and the instructor mentioned the AAC favorably based on recent observation.

04-04-23, 15:36
I was recently looking for a 77gr option and was about to get the IMI when I saw the S&B. All but one of my uppers were disappointing with that round so Ill buy some of this to try before just getting the IMI.

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One More Time
04-04-23, 19:14
I have a couple hundred of the S&B 77 gr to try out.
Just ordered 200 of the AAC, 55 a pop isn't bad at all.

04-06-23, 15:23
For anyone reading this, just remember there are multiple loads sold by PSA. The AAC 77 grain bullet we are talking about now is the one AAC is building themselves. Not the 77 grain SMK version that they also carry and make loads for.

If anyone is talking about ammo shot in March or earlier, its not going to be the same thing. This ammo just came out last March/ early April.

One More Time
04-06-23, 19:20
I was going to compare it to the S&B 77gr as they are both in house OTM bullets.
The AAC is about 30 cheaper than the S&B

55 SMK tipped ammo would be a screaming deal. :cool: