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06-09-23, 10:50
Hey troops, so I'm planning a vac to the great "free" state of MT, I'll be stopping in Rapid City, next to Mt Rushmore, then it's off to the Cody Firearm Museum and drive through Yellowstone Park, and then Bozeman. I'd be interested in any "must see" items along with some dining suggestions in the bigger cities? Thanks in advance. Stay safe.

06-09-23, 13:32
Lots to see and do in the Black Hills. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Harney Peak, Custer Park, the Bad Lands, Sheridan Lake, Deadwood, Keystone... Used to live there and is one of the only places I've lived that I would return to but we ended up in Idaho for a bunch of good reasons and we love it!
Cody is great too!
If you have time the mine in Butte is worth the trip if you have any interest in the history of the mining industry.
You're going to have a great vacation, I bet you will be figuring out how to relocate before you get home ;-)

06-09-23, 13:50
Thanks, what's the "logistics" of getting to a place called "the pillars" and Devils MT? I've only really done a map recce to figure out the hotels and routes. Also what can I expect the drive through Yellowstone to be like? will I have many stops? and I decided to stay in Bozeman, just in case I wanted to go back to Yellowstone if I ran out of time? Was I correct in my thinking?
Thanks in advance.

06-09-23, 14:11
I grew up in SE Idaho and also lived in Bozeman for a short time about a decade ago. I'm not familiar with "the pillars" or Devil, MT. Are you talking about Devils Tower in Wyoming?

Yellowstone is cool. Its also an absolute zoo like most national parks. You will have stops.....for every bison, elk, bear or deer that people see along the road. It's also very large. It takes time to drive through and especially if you're stopping to see the sights. Pick a loop (north or south) and take a day for each. How long is this trip?

Bozeman isn't that close to Yellowstone. If you're planning to hit a hotel and bounce back into the park the next day there's better options. Bozeman is an interesting town. I love Montana and I loved Bozeman but its a major clash of out-of-state money and old Montana. I was poor when I lived there so can't give any fine dining options.:)

Are you a fly fisherman?

Lewis and Clark caverns are kind of fun. I wouldn't say its a must see but its something different and off the beaten path a bit.

06-09-23, 14:16
Thanks, yes I meant Devils Tower. Good advice on the Yellowstone part of the trip, We have the hotel booked, so until we get there? I'm wondering what a "better" plan would be? We/I don't mind driving, and I suspect we won't be stopping for every attraction, I hope. We have several days, so we can spend a few if needed to take in all the sites. Thank You.

06-09-23, 17:12
We did that trip a few years ago. We spent the night in Deadwood at the Seth Bullock hotel. Then drove to Ennis MT. Spearfish, SD is a gorgeous area. I had not been out there since 97. The Devils Tower is amazing and just enjoy the drive. If you get a chance drive over to Wyoming. Jackson Hole is an awesome place to see once. Yellowstone NP is not terribly far from Bozeman and worth the trip too. My sister was a Park Ranger at the Badlands NP, so I was fairly familiar with the area. The minuteman missile silo is also a good visit and so is Wall Drug in SD.

06-09-23, 22:15
I concur regarding Devils Tower! Forgot that in my recommendations

06-10-23, 02:30
Cody Firearm Museum is awesome. My dad took me there as a kid, I'd like to go back and check it out again.