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08-03-23, 10:05
Can I suggest a sticky thread for folks to post their good CS experiences? Recent events have had me thinking about this. Ill start with a few.

I have wanted a 2011 for awhile but could never justify the price. Got an opportunity to trade for a Masterpiece Arms DS9 Hybrid at my local shop (which is owned by our local Chief of Detectives and his wife.) Get it to the range and things just aren't right. I can over ride the frame safety with the grip safety depressed (this we knew about and had plans to fix,) trigger creep and crunch, feeding issues and some other minor stuff. Their warranty is non transferable so I figure I am fooked since I am the second owner. Sent them an email and told them I realized I would have to pay to get it fixed. They got back to me on Monday "send it back we will make it right. no charge" along with a return label. They are doing a total rebuild and only re using the frame and slide. Apparently their first year production were problematic and once the current master gunsmith took over he revamped the line entirely. Now, there are a few things if I had ordered the gun myself I would have changed. So I ask them if they can make those changes and I will gladly pay for them. Nope. No charge for any of it.

I have some Scalarworks stuff, one of which is a flip to side mount for a magnifier. Hinges cracked on it (which was a thing.) Emailed them yesterday and they got back to me within 15 minutes with a return label and an apology. Combination of material supply issue and design, both of which have been corrected. I had heard about this happening but had hoped it was just dudes who didn't know how to use a torque wrench. No muss no fuss.

Both happened this week so it got me thinking that these folks deserve recognition beyond my little circle of friends.

08-03-23, 11:17
Primary Arms hooked me up with replacement screws for a used optic I purchased. I offered to pay which was refused. Though it took some follow up a couple times, they mailed out screws.

Magpul hooked me up with a couple pieces missing from a UBR Gen 2 a couple years ago. Refused any sort of payment, just cool. Shipped immediately.

Leupold followed through on their guarantee when I mongoíd a scope purchased on the EE. No flinch from them. They fixed it quickly, as good as new.

Other companies have done the same. Iíve always been clear when I purchased something used that was missing a part or had something questionable about it. I think the Leupold was the only situation that needed repair, and it was all my fault. I havenít had a single company bat an eye. I know there are some less than reputable operations, but many are great. The recent FCD testimonial should end up in here.

08-03-23, 14:27
I think Rodger deserves his very own sticky thread. He has hooked me up twice on little stuff that were not his fault or responsibility. Which is part of the reason why FCD is on all my builds.

08-10-23, 16:37
MPA sent me an update today. Gun is finished and on it's way back. One week turnaround is rather impressive given the work they were doing. I figured I'd be without it for a month at least.