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01-03-09, 20:35
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Jay Cunningham
01-03-09, 20:41

Army Chief
01-05-09, 11:51
As near as I can tell as a user, we're back to a solid 80-90% solution. There are still ghosts in the machine, but the only things I've noticed that seem to be lingering issues have to do with searching/archiving and the user control panel functions:

- I frequently acccess the "New Posts" search link on the main page to see what's new. There will normally be a numeric count of how many new posts exist -- and this is working again -- but when the link is followed, only a small fraction of those posts actually appear. If there are 68 new posts tallied, I might see four threads actually show up when the link is followed.

- Similarly, it seems that the "Last Post" feature is also inoperative at least part of the time, as some threads continue to reflect dates that are obviously incorrect (i.e. you add something to a thread today, but the "last post" entry on the main page still indicates a date/user from several days ago -- presumably the date of the server switch).

- When replying to a post, I'm still encountering the "database error" screen on a regular basis, though a follow up page refresh always seems to confirm that the post is in fact be there.

- Finally, the cookies that deal with the "remember me" log in function seem to be working intermittently, depeniding upon the browser and where you log in. They seem OK in Windows Explorer, but inconsistent in Apple Safari.

None of this is crippling, and like most, I'm just happy to have most of our capabilities back. If these are known issues, then no worries; my own experience with such things is simply that scripting errors are a lot more difficult to deal with when you aren't sure where they are consistently manifesting themselves. To that end, I am just sharing what I've seen since the switch that remains "atypical."


01-05-09, 16:06

I keep getting the DB error page when I post as well. I go back and try again and get a duplicate post message, so apparently it's going through. However, when I try to search I get a db error message as well, and the 1 search per 30 second keeps me from being able to try again (I get the error every time I try again after 30 seconds).

01-05-09, 21:49
It looks like PM's are back online and the board seems to be running smoother as well.

Great job, Admins!

01-06-09, 02:12
Any idea what caused this and when things will get back on track? I still have problems after posting as well as seeing new posts.