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11-23-06, 10:36
I got my Model 70 back today, the day after my OPS INC 3rd model suppressor arrived. Beautiful day outside so I closed up shop and headed to the range.



This rifle has always been disgustingly accurate, and the addition of the 3rd model definitely did not hurt anything; if anything it’s shooting tighter!

Having been completely disassembled to contour the barrel for the suppressor I had to re-zero my scope. It only took a few shots to get where I wanted, and the reduction in recoil makes shooting a dream.

After the initial zero, here are the first 6 shots. I think its 6, I loaded 3 rounds at a time. I kinda lost count because I kept telling my friend to take a look at the “hole” after each shot. The bad part was we were shooting into the sun, but the light shined through the holes making them easy to see. I was laughing out loud as the hole kept getting brighter and brighter..

I got the elevation fine tuned, so I moved to the windage, in 3 shot groups. Nice, 6 shots and 2 more holes. Even though this is designed to be shot suppressed all the time, I took the can off and shot 3 more rounds. POI shift is about 1 ¼” low at 100yds.


And for the final zero check my friend put up an orange dot to confirm with the last round. Its good.


If your going to build a bolt gun you plan to suppress, this can is worth considering. Its definitely a can to dedicate to the rifle, and if you already have a rifle, its a PITA to add because the barrel needs to be modified.
The can threads on, and tightens up against a shoulder contoured into the barrel.


11-23-06, 11:21
Man I like that gun. Only bolt gun I've shot. Let me know next time we are going shooting and you are bringing it along, I'll buy some .308 ammo.

11-23-06, 11:21
Oh, by the way, you family is home, shouldn't you be eating turkey or something?

11-25-06, 09:18
sweet stick brother! I am currently running a GA Precision Rock and have an older M70 HBV that i was considering selling. I think i might have to go your route in conjunction with a new tube.

11-25-06, 18:59
What ammo were you shooting?

11-25-06, 22:12
Man! I don't think I make enough money to be a member of this forum. That is a sweet rifle! Maybe if I say my prayers every night and eat all my veggies, Santa will see that I am a good boy and bring me one someday.

11-25-06, 22:23
What ammo were you shooting?

The first group was Portuguese Surplus (always groups great for me)

the rest was Black Hills 175.

liberty911 - I got that rifle for a song in trade from a local PD, and I dont have the uber cool/expensive glass.

11-25-06, 23:06
I was only joking. An AR and a nice bolt gun are on my list of to do's. I probably would have done one or the other already but we got hit kinda hard this year when my wife wrecked BOTH of our cars in Jan and Feb. I am happy to say, though, that we will get a rather large tax refund this year thanks to Uncle SAM's wonderful vacation program to tax free resorts!

If and when I leave Commiefornia I will start the AR, so maybe I will start the bolt gun first.

Great gun though!