View Full Version : Midlength MOE handguards?

01-30-09, 15:33
I'm sorry if I missed this somewhere, however, is there any intention of releasing midlength MOE handguards?

01-30-09, 15:35
I'd love to fill you in but........

As for now we are not releasing any information on products that may or may not be in the works. We're always looking for new ways to improve on existing products and explore the boundaries of new ideas. Thanks.

01-30-09, 19:31
And we will wait quietly and patiently, credit card at the ready...... I'll be buying two of them, if and when they are released. :D

Everything I have bought from you folks has been well worth the wait. I don't blame you a bit for being reticent. The airsofters are more than happy to try and put you out of business. I'd rather melt an AR, than put Chinese crap on it.

Thanks the great gear! :)

Heavy Metal
01-30-09, 22:02
While I will admit that I want the middies the most, Drake, I think even a full-length MOE would be a good thing and sell well. I would buy some but then again, I am a magpul whore.