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02-02-09, 12:05
Does any one have any firsthand knowledge of these rifles?
I know it will be a statiticallly small sample.
Thank you, Terry.

02-03-09, 10:55
I had one of their VT (IIRC) models. That was the super bull barreled unit in 22.250 with a laminate stock.

Good accuracy, but no better than the three Savage 22.250's my buddies had.

Its huge weight did make shooting with the glass turned way up much easier.

It would copper up quite rapidly.

Would not spend the money they want for one again.

If you want to get a non-custom build unit, get a Savage and spend the rest of your budget on upgrading your glass.

02-03-09, 14:03
Yes - I have experience with the 84M Montana line (stainless, kevlar/carbon fiber stock). Mine has trouble reliably feeding from the left side of the magazine but shoots ~1.5 MOA. Kimber uses a scaled down Mauser action with a huge claw extractor that is well made. The rifles are glass bedded at the factory using a 'slave' action and the trigger is smooth and crisp. Some reports complain about accuracy and at least one well known riflesmith is turning away Kimber work. From everything I have read and experienced, there is a real chance of having to send the rifle back to Yonkers. However, once fixed, Kimber rifles are a good value for the money and are perhaps more desirable than the competition - it really depends on your application. If you want a 'real' precision rifle, I would look to Surgeon or SG&Y.


"Accurizing is no longer offered for Kimber rifles. This is not a statement about Kimber, but is merely the result of our inability to get a consistent result from Accurizing these products."

02-03-09, 15:59
Reportedly the problem is the barrels. Cheap barrels with loose chambers.

02-04-09, 13:13
Wow, if we are talking there Tactical Rifles I have heard nothing but good. Dont kill a product through rumors guys