View Full Version : Finally Decided on a .300 Win Mag

Dave L.
02-12-09, 14:26
Just bought the last Remington SS 5R Milspec. rifle in .300 WM with 24" barrel.
At $1,003.00, I couldn't pass it up.
Anyone already have one of these? Any close up pics?
If it shoots as well as I hear, it may only get really nice glass. If not- I'll send it GAP.
Any first-hand experience or advice would be cool pertaining to this specific model.
TIA Guys,

02-26-09, 21:51
Nice purchase! I'm thinking about adding one later this year to accompany my 5R .308. Can't wait to hear how yours shoots! I guess mine will be one of the 26" models after all of the limited-edition 24" models are sold.