View Full Version : Difference in color with Magpul's OD and Foliage

02-14-09, 00:53
I am changing the color on my 16" LMT to either OD or Foliage using Magpul's kit.

I was wondering if someone had both colors and could post some pics where I could see them side by side or point me in the direction of a post where this has been done before.

I have the XTM rail panels in OD but I can't find anything Foliage in this area.

Thanks in advance. I tried the search but came up with nothin'.

02-14-09, 01:15
im def. confused about magpul colors. Some places dont even acknowledge that magpul makes stuff in OD green including Magpul itself from my understanding.

02-14-09, 01:33
G&R tactical has the foliage green XTM panels in stock, I have another set coming next week. There's a photo of all my ARs on page 100 of the AR picture thread, when I get home I'll try to post it here. 2 are in Magpul OD, 1 is in foliage. It's not the best pic, but maybe it will give you an idea.

02-14-09, 01:48
i have some pics of OD and FG pmags side by side here:

the OD and FG pmags match the furniture as far as i've seen in the past.

02-14-09, 04:06



Photo credits to Stickman, in case it isn't already obvious.

02-14-09, 07:54
At first glance it is like where's Waldo for sticks logo:D. The really easy version for the drunks

02-14-09, 22:27
The OD is much darker than the Foliage Green. I just went to OD from FDE and have everything but can't find a stubby VFG in OD anywhere. One guy on ebay said he had a TD VFG in OD but when I got it, it was foliage green. So if I were gonna do it again I would have left everything in FDE, or gone FG.

Just my $0.02 cents. I'm gonna ened up with a black VFG or sending the black one in for a duracoat but I'm not sure how well that will hold over time.

02-15-09, 02:20
I like the foliage green. It seems more subdued to me. Right now I am building up a Spike's stripped lower utilizing dark earth. I think I may upgrade my Bushmaster though with some foliage green.

02-15-09, 03:58
Foliage Green is the name of one of the ACU camo colors along with desert sand and urban grey. I don't know the magpul is meant to match it.

02-15-09, 16:32
Here is yet another picture, someone else was nice enough to list the colors out as I have no photoshop skills. The other image should give you an idea of what the Magpul colors are like when laid next to ACU.