View Full Version : CTR or MOE??

02-15-09, 20:34
Let me apologize now as I am sure this is a dumb question. I did some searches but didnt find an answer. Whats the difference in these two stocks? thanks.

02-15-09, 20:39
CTR has a QD swivel attachment point and the friction lock. The MOE has neither and costs about half as much.

I like my CTR, but havent had the opportunity to play with the MOE yet.

02-15-09, 20:39
The CTR has a friction lock and swivel mounts on it. MOE doesn't.

02-15-09, 20:42
I have 2 of each. The lock doesn't add much in my opinion. Only you can decide if the swivel is worth and extra $50.00. To me it's not but I've put my fingerprints on both already.

02-15-09, 20:46
I did notice the hole in there for QD, didnt know about the friction lock, thanks!!

02-15-09, 22:22
I have a CTR. I like it, but I too, dont find the friction lock all that useful personally. --Im sure many would disagree.
I also know someone who prefers the MOE to the CTR.
Whatever suits your needs I suppose. I decided mostly based on looks. :)

02-16-09, 01:16
I like the friction lock...

But the primary reason i got the CTR was for the sling mount(MOE wasnt out at the time either).You're better off imo mounting the sling at the back of the receiver though.Ive switched to a Daniel Defense mount for my sling,it allows more freedom of movement.

If the friction lock isnt important to you i'd get the MOE and spend the difference on another mount.