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02-17-09, 22:41

02-17-09, 22:51
I may be missing something but that doesn't look anything like what's on magpul's site.

02-17-09, 22:55
I may be missing something but that doesn't look anything like what's on magpul's site.

Looks like a non-windowed PMag with the cover clipped to the baseplate.

02-17-09, 23:03
Regardless, they're gone now. 5 were in my cart and before I could check out, they disappeared. Unbelievable....

02-17-09, 23:35
Damn I just got some under the wire.

02-18-09, 19:14
That's odd I just ordered ten from DSG and they didn't say anything about being out of stock or backordered?

02-18-09, 22:42
They must have gotten more in stock. I just got 4. The difference in the pic is that the ones they show are the newest generation. They have a spot to attach the dust cover on the bottom and the grip waffling is less severe. Also, there is no false cut out for the window.

02-18-09, 23:09
I got 4 on order and two minutes later they were out of stock. :(

Got a tracking number today and hope to have them by Saturday. I should have ordered a couple more.

EDIT - looks like they are back in stock

02-18-09, 23:57
Seems that "now they have them, now they don't...now they have them again". This time my order went through. Of course it was only until after I hit the transaction button that the message popped up that they were backordered on the Blue Force Vickers sling that I also wanted to buy. Just can't win... :confused:

02-20-09, 00:51
I got my shipping notification for them. Will probably have them early next week.

02-22-09, 00:58
I went in to Sports World in Tulsa Oklahoma today and they had about 10 black non-windowed pmags in stock. They wanted $23 or $24 apiece for them though.