View Full Version : Finally got my first pmag!

02-19-09, 14:35
Ok now i see why all the fuss and hard-feelings over these damn pmags, its because flat-out its the best mag ive used on any semi-auto. The amazing attn. to detail, the innovation in small areas, and most importantly....14.99$. Granted right now they are hard to find and jacked up, but for the msrp i dont see why magpul lets them go for this.

02-19-09, 14:50
i hope you bought more than just 1 if they had more available, if not your going to be kicking yourself for not buying as many as you could while you had the chance, im still waiting on 18 that i ordered about 2 months ago from grey group

02-19-09, 15:13
Just keep checking the board and you will find them. I have been getting them every few days from different orders/ backorders. Big brown truck came today but it was only 400rds of privi ammo :D:D:D

02-19-09, 16:19
since it was only 400rds of ammo, id prob suggest forward it to me so i can give this pmag some tlc!

Its really mind-boggling to see these pmags go for basically the same price as plastic 30 rd. 10/22 eagle mags. I mean with thermold @ 20 bucks, lancer @ 19 bucks....etc, one has to wonder how much longer once magpul has there orders from the obama-freakout caught up that these other mags can survive.