View Full Version : PMAGS?

02-28-09, 13:40
Never understood all the hoopla over PMAGS, but they had 30rnd mags for $20 at the local gun show. Is this a good deal?

02-28-09, 14:27
2 - 3 bucks high from what I have seen locally. But then again it is hard to find them most places.

02-28-09, 14:52
i would never spend $20 on any magazine.. they're just way too disposable. if you just reaelly wannagotta have pmags, that's not TOO bad, given the times. but a patient man can get better deals than that on gunbroker or by shopping all the internet dealers frequently.

02-28-09, 15:32
Just sit on the 'Who has Pmags in Stock' thread like I do.

Snagged 6 Maglevels that way, for $17.50 or so, each. I can understand when some dealers or private sellers selling them for $20, but to be honest, it's irksome, since they're driving up prices, then profiting from that.

02-28-09, 16:25
OK, No PMAGS from the gun show

02-28-09, 18:14
wait til you can get some under 20, but when you get them you will be hooked great product from magpul