View Full Version : Leupold Mounting Help

Rosco P
03-02-09, 08:39
I have a Nice new .308 Rem 700.

I am mounting a Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50 to her.

Do I have to have high rings or will meds work?

BTW I an using the Leupold Tactical one piece mount

03-05-09, 14:14
Do you mean the 1 piece base?

Just FYI I had med rings, but had to switch to the High rings as the bell came in contact with the Base when it was moved to the rear when adjusting eye relief. I have a 700 LTR with Luepold Mark 4 50mm objective lens and Mark 4 rings and base.

good luck.

Rosco P
03-05-09, 14:24
Yes, its the one piece base.

I got her mounted up just fine.