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12-20-06, 21:03
I'm in the process of buying a bolt rifle. Last weekend, some of the guys I shoot with let me put some rounds down range with their precision rifles and I was hooked. In particular, I was quite fond of the Remington 700P LTR, which is the rilfe I'm buying. I wanted to pick your collective brains on what a good scope would be that's in the $400 to $500 range, which of course leaves out the Leupold Tacticals and Nightforce scopes, but the fact of the matter is that this is all I have to spend. The local Sportsman's Warehouse has a VX II 4-12 with long range duplex that is in my price range and from what I was told would be a pretty good match with the rifle.

Do you have any other suggestions? Should I be looking at a Mil-Dot optic? If so, can you refer me any reliable on-line references as to how to use one. I find these somewhat intimidating due to the math I assume is required to effectively use one.

Long Range Trigger Monkey
12-20-06, 22:43
I would say that in your price range there a plenty of good optics that will serve your needs but first you have to ask if you want a variable powered optic or a fixed power? How far do you forsee shooting?
For a variable look at Nikon's 4.5-14X40 Buckmaster with gen2 style mildots which comes in around $290. For a fixed power optic I would check out the Super Sniper 10X42 from SWFA, they run at $300 or $400 for a side focus model. Some other options are Mueller Optics 3.5-10 w/ Mild dot at $300 and the Bushnell 10 power mildot is a pretty good deal for the money at less than $200.
However, don't just stop at optics set aside plenty of good rings and bases. Some good brands to look at are Badger, Seekins Precision, Acculock, Ken Ferrell, and if you have to use Leupold.
The mildot reticle isn't as hard to use at it first may seem with some training and a calculator or mildot master you can range objects of known size in very short order. Hope this helps a bit instead of creating more decisions to make.

Also just a side note....when you get this rifle don't just stop at the rifle and optics get a good cleaning rod and bore guide, cleaning gear, cleaning cradle, a hard case or good drag bag for transportation, etc... Welcome to a hobby that will drain your account fast than you can say "ready, aim, fire.."

Zak Smith
12-21-06, 02:43
More than you wanted to know about rifle optics
But it does emphasize what features you need to do LR shooting.

In your price range, try to find a USED Leupold with M1 knobs, or the Super Sniper seems to be OK for its price.

12-21-06, 08:03
I'll make a third suggestion for the SuperSniper. In the range you are looking to spend, I think it is your best option. Use the remaining money to get the scope rings and bases, and maybe have some trigger work done.

Then you should have one excellent rifle!

12-21-06, 10:21
More than you wanted to know about rifle optics
But it does emphasize what features you need to do LR shooting.

In your price range, try to find a USED Leupold with M1 knobs, or the Super Sniper seems to be OK for its price.

RyanS -

I would highly recommend reading the article mentioned by Zak. In addition, he has posted several other articles related to precision shooting on the same site. It would be useful to read them for background information on precision shooting as well.

While I do not own a 700LTR, I have had the opportunity to use them on several occasions and have found them to be very handy rifles. While there are probably better rifles for precision shooting in it's purest sense, it would be hard to go wrong cutting your teeth on the 700LTR.

I have not used the Super Sniper scope, so I cannot comment on it. However, it is my understanding that it comes only as a fixed 10x optic. I am a big believer in variable power optics for the field of view they provide on lower power settings. This is extremely useful for engaging movers, or rapidly shifting from target to target at close and medium ranges. This would preclude the purchase of the SS for me. (It's not that I think anything is necessarily wrong with the SS - I just do not prefer a fixed 10x optic.) I concur with Zak on the suggestion to look for a used Leupold in good condition. I also concur with LRT_Monkey above on the need to buy a quality set of rings/base. Don't go with flimsy gunshop hunting rings.

Read Zak's articles. You may not go with every recommendation, but you will be in a position to make a much more informed decision. Good luck!

- Bill

12-21-06, 17:02
The Super Sniper can also be had in 16 and 20x

None of them are variable power, which could be a drawback to some, and a bonus to others!

K.L. Davis
12-21-06, 17:45
Ryan... this is a bump that a lot of folks have a problem getting over, often the optics and mounts will cost as much or more than the gun. To be really honest, your budget would barely cover the high end .mil base and rings, throw in good bottom metal and your could blow all of it with DDR and still not have any glass.

Before I would even venture to make a recommendation however, can you tell us what your goal is? Pratical matches, tactical training/comp, casual been field shoots? wood benches? what ranges? targets?

let us know!

12-22-06, 00:10
Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm sorry for not being more specific as to my intended uses for the rifle. Being that I live in SD, we don't have a lot of opportunities for formal rifle competitions or matches. We do have an informal practical "league" where we mainly run ARs and handguns but incorporate rifles and shotguns depending on the mood of the organizer. I am limited to 300 yard ranges, 400 at most. I guess that I had planned on this as being sort of a multi-use rifle. Aside from deer and coyote hunting, I also wanted to be able to use it for these shoots. My primary motive however was to start to learn how to shoot a rifle accurately and push myself in terms of marksmanship beyond that which I had been shooting a scoped hunting rifle. I want to learn how to shoot as described in Zak's excellent articles.

I realize that only wanting to spend $400 to $500 on an optic limits my options, but unfortunately, I'm at a point in my life (baby and looking to buy a house) where wanting to get something or get into something new comes at the expense of having to give up something else. I need a new 1911 for IPSC and IDPA and if I am going to be able to get that and get into a rifle, I unfortunately have to draw the line at some point. I'm actually pushing it as is.


12-22-06, 14:15
I understand being on a budget. I'm looking to scope my new Remington 700P and am in a similar boat. I can swing close to $500 right now, but I'm trying to be patient and get the best scope I can. It will probably take a few months, but I think I'll just be wishing I had waited if I go with a cheaper scope now.

Until I hit that magic number where I can order what I want brand new, I plan to keep frequenting the boards and watch for the "excellent/like new" scopes that are being sold for hundreds of dollars less, just like was suggested above. Maybe I'll get lucky and get a deal. Just something to think about.

12-22-06, 20:05
Well, after considering all of your input, I've decided to just take a step back and see what comes down the pike rather than rush into finishing the rifle. It's still on layaway anyways so there is certainly no rush. Thanks for all of your input. Now I can go forward and get a new 1911.