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12-29-06, 09:58
OK, so I am just going to keep my 5R milspec as my hunting rifle/truck gun as it already has the can mount. And setup this gun without the weight savings stuff. This is the spec sheet thus far:

Surgeon action
Badger AICS bottom metal
22" .308Win #7 Broughton Bbl threaded for 7.62 SD
MCM A5 integral cheekpiece and spacer system
Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm LR/T M2 IR FFP
Jewell trigger

Any suggestions? I can't decide on the rings right now.

12-29-06, 12:51
Any suggestions? I can't decide on the rings right now.

Aluminum BO rings.

12-29-06, 19:03
go longer on the barrel I run a 20 GAP and it lacks the kick to get out the distance you want I would do (and plan too in the near future) a 24" that way you can take full advantage and it doesn't get out there and drop like a rock 100 yards short also IMHO with weight it gets hard to stabilize a light rifle for a good shot so I would avoid building a light rifle for 1000 yard work I prefer over 13IB and like to see heavier but this does affect the carry ablility of the rifle. As far as rings and such run badgers or DD rosses they tend to be the best quality I know badger laps them in pairs from the factory and I have used leopold MK4 rings and have had poor results with them damaging scopes and poor lockup. 20 inches is definately too short for a good 1000 yard .308 if you ask me but it does make a nice compact package. Oh and when you order your MCM get get the sniper fill it adds a little weight but really helps steady things out for those long shots. If you want to feild a good 1000 yard rifle you should probably get a drag bag or scabard etc for carrying it because most good ones are not very light.

Zak Smith
12-29-06, 19:28
24" will make it fine to 1000 yards. I have become a fan of the "Palma" contour barrels which are lighter than straight-taper barrels.

I personally wouldn't go shorter than 22" for a rifle I really wanted to shoot to 1000.

As for rings/base, might as well go aluminum and "simple." They are connecting to an aluminum tubed scope anyway.


12-30-06, 04:08
22" will do fine to 1k. Take a look at McM A5, with Badger Ordnance AI mag floor metal, as well as BO's rings. For Preston's actions...they rock. For assembly....look at GA Precision or KMW (Terry Cross).


01-02-07, 09:56
Thanks guys. OK, I am going to go with aluminum rings of some sort. My question now is should I go 22" or 24" I know that the 24" will get out there fine, but what about the 22"? I'll be running a can on the end of the thing all the time.

I was always told that when running a can, you don't want to go too long as the barrel needs to be rigid and this is harder to accomplish with a big weight on the end of the thing. So would the 22" barrel with the freebore boost from the can give me enough punch to make the distance? I'm having Patriot Arms do the build.

Zak Smith
01-02-07, 11:52
If you look at my 26" 260, it's a medium Palma contour which is pretty thin. I shoot with the JET can basically all the time. The gun shoots extremely well and I have not seen an accuracy issue. People have said that they can see the barrel "whip" when I shoot, but if it doesn't show up on target I don't really care.

It DOES make a super-long package, and shooting offhand starts to suck with the weight WAY out there.

ETA: We have chrono'd with and without the cans and the velocity difference is less than the S.D. of the load.

01-02-07, 12:46
ETA: We have chrono'd with and without the cans and the velocity difference is less than the S.D. of the load.

Thanks for that info Zak, I had no idea. I'm going with a #7 barrel profile, do you think that it would be wiser to go with the full 24". I'm trying not to deviate much from the original specs as it's a group buy. I could go with longer or shorter, but not with a different profile. Thanks!

Zak Smith
01-02-07, 14:55
22 is fine