View Full Version : Question for the foreign aficionados

04-14-09, 17:10
Hi everybody,

I'm sure many of you are aware of the "new" ITAR which is a real problem for the people like me who lives outside the US and have an AR15 weapon system.

Last year I made a group order for friends and I bought 14 M4 rifles... Long story short we needed to upgrade the thing with rails, stocks, optics etc... and this is when the ITAR became active.

I was able to put my hands on a stock of PMAGs in Germany, and some optics in Netherland. But now I would like to buy some new Magpul stuff such as the ASAP system, the new MS2 sling, a CTR stock and other things for myself... Problem is, I'm not supplying an army or a police dept, so the export license is refused from the State Dept.

Question is : Is there some way I could find Magpul stuff and have it shipped outside the US ?

I know someone who is supplying the Dutch army and he imports Magpul stuff, the thing is, he asks 200$ for a CTR stock... So I wanted a cheaper solution.

Thank you very much for any information or answer.