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06-17-09, 08:13
I saw this press release on the Fail Zero homepage and was wondering if Mr. Costa could comment on the BCG he's testing...how's it working? How many rounds at this point?

EXO coated Knight’s Armament BCG with 3500 rounds unlubricated used by Chris Costa in Vickers Tactical class shootout.

Vickers Tactical put on an invite only class for M4C and invited guests the weekend of March 14, 2009. Chris Costa of Magpul Dynamics walked away with top honors in the match after performing extremely well on the shooting stages. Chris shot very well throughout the class and managed to claim top spot in a lot of drills. Chris was using a Knight’s Armament bolt carrier group coated with EXO technology. He has over 3500 rounds on this BCG and has not lubricated it. Just clean and go. Congratulations Chris, on the great shooting. Keep us informed as you continue with your test firing.

06-17-09, 18:01
It has about 5,000 rounds through the new coating.

1. I clean it every 1,200
2. I, I oil the bolt only, it's mechanical so it does help if you put well over 1,000 rounds without cleaning it.
3. It does clean fast.
4. Don't think this is going to get you out of cleaning, the standard gun has allot of gas that does start to coat and dirty everything in the chamber area, but there coating will assist in long term shooing and no cleaning for emergency situations.
5. There coating for certain piston manufactures is awesome and does just wipe off, but that is a different platform.
6. when I first got it I put over one thousand rounds through it with no oil in my upper or on the BCG, however follow #2 and you'll never have a problem

Just remember, on gas guns you still need to give a little TLC.


06-17-09, 20:59
Many thanks for the informative post and quick reply! If you don't mind, I'm going to quote your post in this ongoing thread (https://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?t=4489&page=2) about coatings for BCGs. Drop in in a few thousand rounds and tell us how it's going! Cheers!