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Ga Shooter
06-17-09, 21:54
I have urgent life threating need (well maybe I just really want) a couple of MS2. Any idea when more will be available? Also any release date on the ACS? Finally and most important of all you guys did a GREAT JOB on the AOTTCII!!! Someone here mentioned a training catalog, how can I get one of those?


06-24-09, 15:52
MS2's will be back up soon. cant comment yet on the ACS, as for the catalogs email me and I can send you a training catalog.

Ga Shooter
06-24-09, 23:13
Thank you for the update on the MS2. Email has been sent. I would like to ask one more question. At the end of AOTTC II Chris stated that what had been learned was weapon deployment and no tactics had actually been taught. At some point will tactics be taught by you on video or live course?

06-25-09, 14:50
Will the MS2 be available on magpuls website first or on their distributors? Thanks.