View Full Version : Safariland ALS system?

07-02-06, 22:02
Does anybody have any experience or info on the new Safariland ALS system? The new 6304 holster looks interesting.


Ben Lenett
07-03-06, 08:07
The ALS system is an outstanding piece of kit and has taken weapon retention to a new level. Deactivating the added retention is a simple task while drawing the pistol and it does not severely slow down your presentation like so many others do.

Robb Jensen
07-03-06, 08:21
A co-worker of mine got a free 6358 from our Safariland rep for evaluation with the ALS. He likes and and can draw from it very quickly. It does require a little practice as the system is a little different. He was using a Blade-Tech belt holster previous to this. The retention of the ALS is VERY good. I tried snatching a 'blue' gun from his Safariland holster without him resisting and couldn't get the gun out.

07-30-06, 16:07
I have been looking to trade in my daily carry G&G 803 for a Safariland 6351 (belt slide ALS if I got the model # wrong), but am having a dickens of a time finding a dealer who carries them. Any ideas? It's for a Glock 22 if that helps.

08-12-06, 03:03
I use the 6351 holster and mount it to the 1.5 " drop UBL and add a leg strap to the bottom screw hole on the back of the holster. For me this is the way to go with a rig that is both secure and fast.

08-12-06, 10:09
I wasn't aware the UBL came in anything other than 2" slot for "war" belts. Where did you find them?
Va Dinger:
I just got a 6351, which is the mid-ride, belt slot ALS holster for my G-19. I think this holster will be the heat in the very near future. If you are used to the hood on the 6004, transitioning to this rig will be a simple affair. It is almost the same movement; you are pushing down and to the front to spring the catch away from the ejection port. Very fast and simple, yet the retention is awesome. After watching the ECQC DVD's from South Narc and Gomez, I wanted an increased level of retention over my Blade Tech holsters. I have always loved my 6004, and considered getting a belt slide for it and pressing it into service as my CCW rig, then this new design came out. I will probably get another one and rig it out with a UBL for tactical training purposes.

08-13-06, 00:31
The UBL is available with 2" or 2.25" belt slots. I like the 2" for most belts I use (Eagle or Safariland). There are two different length drops, a standard and a longer drop (1.5"). I have found that during high speed presentations with the longer drop models, the bottom of the holster will pull outward,thus slowing the draw. By running a single leg strap, this speeds up the draw.

A big pet peeve of mine with Safarilands newer holsters is retention systems that go two different directions. eg. hood forward, and then lever or rock back. This just sucks under stress. Another critical issue is support hand draw. If you can't draw with both hands...big negative and I won't carry anything that can't be operated with both hands. This is why I use the concealment ALS holster mounted to a UBL instead of the one with both the hood and the lever.

08-13-06, 15:56
OK, that clears it up for me on the UBL; you're talking drop length instead of slot width. Guess I'm gonna have to roll my own. Good point on the hood and guard. Probably looks good to the beauracrats and lawyers but sucks for the guy wearing it. I think the ejection port clamp is plenty of retention anyway.

09-11-06, 23:10
I use the 6351 holster and mount it to the 1.5 " drop UBL and add a leg strap to the bottom screw hole on the back of the holster. For me this is the way to go with a rig that is both secure and fast.

Darryl, that sounds like one sweet set-up. The 6351 sounds more like what I'm interested in buying anyway.

Got any pictures? I'm interested in bulding a similiar rig.