View Full Version : Magpul Payday! And THANKS!

08-26-09, 15:30
As we all know, Magpul products are hard to come by at times, and the wait for new releases is painfully slow for some of us.

I just want to share however that in the last month, I have received 2 ACS stocks, an FDE MS2 sling, and have two FDE MOE handguards in transit. I also have several BAD devices on back order at Brownell's. Did I need to wait for them? Yes, but I am still alive and no worse for wear. I also bought about $300 in rail covers, stocks, grips, and MBUS units in the last two weeks alone.

My point is I think things are getting much better and want to thank the crew at Magpul for their hard work. On several forums lately, Drake has eluded to the fact things are coming, and within a few weeks, are out and being sold out. I can't even imagine what it is like dealing with the run on AR's and AR parts since Nov '08. Anyway, Thanks RichFitz, Dr. Drake, Travis, Costa, and the whole crew at Magpul. Your customer service is great and your product is unmatched.