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Seth Harness
02-16-07, 17:51
I have a rem. model 700, Its not very tactical. wood stocks, blued barrel etc.
do you guys have any ideas for upgrades?

02-16-07, 18:58
I'm assuming you want to go tactical. Sell it and get a Remington LTR might be your cheapest option. There's one for sale with extras on snipershide.net for $650.

Mandatory upgrades: in order of most $ to least $.

Match grade barrel (Obermeyer, Mike Rock, Schneider, Krieger, Shilen etc...) A Remington LTR takeoff barrel is your best bang for buck option.
Sniper Stock (McMillan, AICS, Manners MCS, HS, Bell and Carlson)
New Trigger (Timney etc...) or Trigger job (cheapest)
Optics: USO, Nightforce, Leupold, IOR, Burris etc... with suitable rings and base (Badger)

Optional stuff:

Badger bottom metal (for AICS mags)
Upgraded bolt knob

03-08-07, 22:37
Seth, this all depends on how much you want(or have) to spend! For now I would consider a stock(any of the above would be fine) McMillan makes stocks for the USMC Scout Sniper rifles, the older model(HTG or M40) for the M40 would be cheaper and its what was used up until a few years ago, nothing fancy though! You might also look at getting a used H&S Precision stock off of one of the forums! AICS is what I consider the HUMMER/Cadillac of stocks and comes with a variety of options but its a bit pricey too(believe me you get your moneys worth IMHO)!

As far as the barrel goes, if it shoots great dont mess with a good thing is what I always say! Use your money on ammo! If the barrel is shot out YES by all means replace it!

Now if you looking for a scope you can take a look and find that the Super Sniper scope is well under what most Tactical scopes are going for! For under $500 you will have a tough beater scope!

All this depends on how much money you have to devote to this project and how far you are willing to go with it too! If you want to spend more to make it tactical then you may want to go with the PSS listed above, its a great price!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Good Luck!

Grunt Out!