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10-14-09, 10:35
SOLD Brand new, in the box. $1,000 plus shipping, My FFL to yours:

The DCM Competition Model combines all the features we've seen as "modifications" by High Power Competitors - to create a rifle that can help you win "right out of the box"! Bushmaster has designed a rifle for the serious DCM Competition Shooter. In keeping with DCM (Department of Civilian Marksmanship) High Power Competition Rules, this rifle looks like a "stock AR-15" type rifle, but includes all the modifications and upgrades that will give you a competitive edge. All the features built into this superb competition rifle result from years of observation and discussions with competitors at the Camp Perry National High Power Matches. These special accurizing features include:

•The M16A2 Dual Aperture Rear Sight is specifically modified to accept interchangeable apertures available in four sizes to suit the competitor's vision and preference... .036"; .040" (Standard); .046" or .052" diameter. Additionally, the sight can be configured for a choice of 1/2" or 1/4" Minute of Adjustment for both Windage Knob and Elevation Drum.

•The Competition Front Sight is specially ground on three sides for optimum clarity, and is available in the shooter's choice of two widths (.052",or .062"). It is secured within the front sight base by a set screw to avoid the possibility of any movement once the rifle has been "zeroed".

•The 20" Bushmaster Extra Heavy Competition Barrel is a full 1" diameter under the free float tube, and is precision button rifled 1 turn in 8" - right hand twist - 6 lands and grooves. The Barrel material is ChromeMoly Vanadium Steel, and the Firing Chamber is machined to SAAMI specifications. It is lead lapped and hardened to Rockwell C26 to 32. Unlike many other Bushmaster Barrels, this barrel is not Chrome lined.

•In the Upper Receiver, the Bolt is carefully matched to the Barrel Extension Lugs for precise lockup, maximum strength and optimum accuracy.

•The Lower Receiver houses a finely honed Two Stage Competition Trigger that is factory set for a 3.5 lb. first stage and a 1 lb. let-off (second stage). This 4.5 lb. total trigger pull meets CMP/NRA competition regulations.

•The handguard set looks like government issue parts, but is actually a Competition "Free Floater" Tube (handguard tube/barrel nut combination). It does not contact the Barrel forward of the Receiver. A sling swivel is attached to the forward end of the tube to avoid any possibility of deflection or pressure on the barrel that could degrade accuracy.

•The Buttstock has been improved for competition with the addition of a 3.62 lb. lead "Counterbalance Weight" which can be trimmed by the competitor to achieve a comfortable balance and solid feel.

•Shipped in a Lockable Hard Case with Operator's Safety Manual, 2 - 10 Round Magazines, Chamber Checker Range Safety Device; Black Web Sling; and Break-In/Maintenance Instructions specific to the DCM Competition Barrel.

•One Year Bushmaster Warranty

Features & Specifications
[Metric in brackets]
Caliber: 5.56mm or .223 Rem.
Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds (accepts all M16 / AR15 type)
Overall Length: 38.5" [97.8 cm]
Barrel Length: 20" [50.8 cm]
Rifling: 1 turn in 8" [20.3 cm] R.H. Twist / 6 grooves & lands
Weight w/o magazine: 13.06 lbs. [6.3 kg]
Weight w/o Buttstock Insert: 9.6 lbs. [4.35 kg]
Mode of Operation: Gas Operated /

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