View Full Version : Best deal on Magpul's DVD?

Al SwearengenŽ
10-18-09, 23:36
Where's the best online deal on the Magpul tactical carbine dvds?


I'm also looking for the second dvd.


10-19-09, 13:50
Brownells with a LE, Mil, or FFL account hands down.

10-19-09, 14:44

10-19-09, 15:51
Not to hijack your thread, but are two sets different, or is AotC II just an extended edition of the first?

andy t
10-19-09, 16:10
They are different.

10-19-09, 20:00
For anyone who has watched them are they usefull or bs?

10-19-09, 20:04
The majority of the first dvd was an overview from my CQB school. There were a few new things that I never learned and enjoyed watching. Is this dvd going to make you a hi speed low drag cqb shooting all star? No, what it will do is give you things to think about and to tinker with at the range. I would suggest going to an actual school or class to learn, then watch this to brush up on skills. YMMV :cool:

10-20-09, 00:46
For anyone who has watched them are they usefull or bs?

ditto the above :)

I want to take a class this spring ? so its good to see what I am in for ;)

but also I view it like watching a high end car auction ! I just like cars :) I also like guns and shooting so its great to watch and see what people do ! you might pick up a few things ? but its not the intent I dont feel to train you its pure entertainment :)
its the same reason I like playing video games or watching suns of anarchy :)

10-20-09, 09:47
They are different.

Thanks. I thought so, but the descriptions were so similar I wasn't completely sure.

10-20-09, 15:25
For anyone who has watched them are they usefull or bs?

Extremely useful. If you use a gun for your profession they are a must. Cutting edge tactics.