View Full Version : ACR barrel question

Furry Jello
10-19-09, 19:47
Will we be able to use barrels that are made for AR's on the ACR with the addition of the gas piston? Or are we going to have to purchase barrels made specifically for the ACR?

11-15-09, 01:40
IIRC there is a quick change feature on the ACR so I think that it wouldn't be compatible. Also the barrel on the ACR looks way different than an AR barrel.

11-15-09, 16:09
Orgionally yes a standard AR barrel (I am sure that you would have to have a .75" gas block journal) was able to be retrofitted to the piston system and barrel latching mechanism...our problem is that we are a couple years out from the "Orgional" and very little details on the production model are available yet.

-Awaiting a Magpul answer.