View Full Version : SOLD: Eagle Discreet DC CAR 15 LE Padded Case

10-24-09, 22:21
IMPORTANT: YOU MUST EMAIL ME DIRECTLY AT pc79@comcast.net with any and all inquiries guys.

Eagle DC CAR 15 LE Padded case for sale. Ranger Green, with MOLLE Accessory side compartment area, with 4 internal mag pouches.

This case is basically brand new. It is the nicest of the Eagle Discreet cases, and it has a 35" internal length dimension.
This model also has the nicest accessory compartment, with all the MOLLE webbing, and 4 mag pouches. (See all the pics Eagle has on the page below.)
The ONLY minor detail that makes this case any different from a factory new, mint case, is that I put a brand new Colt 6920 in it for a couple days to store in my closet, and there is a very small, very faint bit of clean, fresh Slip 2000 oil that rubbed off of the Colt onto the fabric INSIDE the case. This spot has almost disappeared now, and is VERY VERY FAINT. I could forego mentioning it, and you, as the buyer, would probably never ever realize it's there. That's how faint it is.
I don't have pics, but even if I did, it wouldn't show, even in good light. It's that minor. I almost cannot even see it, sitting here in the best of lighting.
Unless you were to always put a totally dry weapon in this case, it's virtually inevitable that some form of a faint oil mark is going to eventually get on the case anyhow.
This case does have more desireable velcro patch area on the outside of the case, as seen in the pics below. It seems some very similar Eagle cases do not have the velcro area for patches, but this one does have a very generous portion of velcro, for ID placement/etc.
I am including two TAD Gear patches with the case, shown below:



Price is $110 TYD CONUS. All others please inquire for shipping. Postal MO, or certified bank checks only, UNLESS we have discussed, and agreed to other forms of payment.

I guarantee 100% satisfaction, and I offer a FULL money back guarantee if item is not exactly as described, or if you feel my description of item was not accurate.
Simply put, you WILL be satisfied with any item I sell.

Here is a link to the exact case I have for sale. Mine is Ranger Green, and I forget what color the one in the link below is.