View Full Version : Andy Port Jefferson NY

10-26-09, 17:00
Glad to see a group forming, i train out of Brookhaven range and calverton, Id like to see a group set up for meeting at the Brookhaven Range PM me if your up for it.

30 cal slut
11-05-09, 10:59
Always wanted to check that range out.

11-05-09, 15:36
if you want to meet at the range pm me with dates

30 cal slut
11-07-09, 15:29
ok. november is a little busy for me, let's see if we can get some LI guys together in early Dec. I'll make some inquiries.


11-07-09, 21:26
Sounds good to me!

11-08-09, 12:53
I usually shoot at Calverton but Im down. PM out in a bit

30 cal slut
11-13-09, 09:42
I'm waiting for the Fall Run madness to end.

When I'm done getting pickled in the Montauk suds (Dec) I'll be game for Calverton.


02-24-12, 11:59
I see Redbackone is going to run tactical courses out of Brookhaven Town range. Looking forward to having quality training just around the corner.

05-04-13, 07:47
Any of you still in the Port Jeff area? I am slowly learning the geography of NY and found it's not too far from me in Staten Island.

Just looking to get out to a decent range and shoot a little.