View Full Version : SOLD: Leather Magazine Pouches for Single Stack Auto *SPF*

11-08-09, 06:41
WTS: Texas Shoemaker (TAN) Leather Magazine Pouches for Single-Stack 9mm pistol mag.

There are two pouches: Double Magazine pouch with Flap Cover to secure mags in place.

Single Magazine Clip-On mag pouch for a Single-Stack 9mm auto pistol.

These were purchased for an HK P7M8 and should work with any single column magazine pistol such as a Sig P-239, Sig 225, Smith & Wesson 3913, etc. Both pouches are in like new in box condition.


$20 for Double-Mag pouch with cover (attaches to belt)

$15 for Single-Mag clip-on pouch

Payment: U.S. Postal Service Money Order

Item is Sold