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11-10-09, 02:21


$175.00 SHIPPED

WTS MSA Sordin Supreme PRO Digital Ear (Black)

The MSA Supreme Pro Ear Muff gives police officers, military personnel, and hunters optimum hearing protection, along with the ability to hear the surrounding environment. Especially useful for target shooting, the Supreme Pro Ear Muff’s ear cups are shaped to suit both right- and left-handed shooters. Other features include AUX input and watertight battery compartment.

* Compression Technology (82db Max)
* Never miss range commands or conversation
* Amplifies Up to Four Times Unassisted Hearing
* Slimmest Profile for Best Comfort
* Two Microphones for True Digital Stereo Directional Sound
* 600 Hour Battery Life On Two AAA Batteries
* Four Hour Automatic Shutoff
* Noise Reduction Rating of 18 db
* Waterproof Battery Compartment & Lacquered Circuit Boards
* AUX input for connecting external audio sources
(iPods, dog trackers, radios)
* Folding headband for easy carrying and storage
* 3.5mm Mono Jack Plug Wire (included)
* Audible Push-Button Technology
* Weight Only 11 Ounces

Also including a Black headband cover.

Paypal discrete pay only,

Will Trade for Suunto X-Lander Military Special Edition