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11-30-09, 17:54
Anyone know of a WW shoot being conducted within driving distance of Houston? If not, anyone interested in helping to organize one in the Houston area? Advise if you have knowledge or are interested. Regards, Jeff

11-30-09, 20:09
You may want to reach out to a member here with a screen name of RetreatHell. Paul participated in such an event not long ago, I believe.

Good luck to you, by the way.

12-06-09, 13:11
Let me know if you get something going, we do a Wounded Warrior Weekend fishing tournament every year in Port O Connor . Fun and everyone has a great time.

12-07-09, 13:49
I've been volunteering in San Antonio at Vet Fun Shoots hosted by the Texas Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America. There is a long thread here: http://www.surplusrifleforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=42485&sid=ab1d2d7c436ecc514dd6ba141aeaaccd&start=135 that chronicles the last couple of years of these events. They host events at least quarterly but have also done several monthly events last year. They also take some of the wounded warriors on hunts donated by several ranch owners in the area.

The events are fun and the troops and families really have a good time.

The OP in the posted thread is your POC if you want to volunteer.

12-07-09, 19:37
Indy -- Thanks... I'm on it. Regards, Jeff