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12-10-09, 19:35
Any ideas for ranges in the NoVA area suitable for a carbine class? NRA used to have a practical carbine course, but only one has been offered in the past three years, and I understand that they are no longer hosting this kind of training (ToddG's practice sessions being the best thing going at NRA right now). Some of the other ranges in the region appear to cater to the government community and charge excessive rates to private users that can essentially double the price of attending professional training.

It seems to me that there are enough M4C members in the NoVa area to easily fill a class, but is there a suitable (and reasonably priced) venue in the area?

JBecker 72
12-10-09, 19:42
I seem to recall something in the Fredericksburg area.
Thats not too far a drive for us, I used to commute there daily.

12-10-09, 20:26
Right, MagPul Dynamics had some classes in Culpeper and Fredericksburg...unfortunately it doesn't look like MagPul has any classes scheduled for VA in 2010...


12-10-09, 23:58
I've never taken the SFI carbine course taught at the NRA, but if enough people were interested, the chief instructor is the NRA Range manager. Unless he's no longer allowed to do it out of some silly conflict-of-interest concern from the lawyers upstairs, I'm sure he could be talked into another class.

12-11-09, 18:41
I've taken the SFI Practical Carbine Course and I would recommend it (especially to novice shooters), though I think more advanced shooters would prefer a more challenging course. Unlike SFI's handgun classes which are tailored to ability level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced), the Practical Carbine class comes in one flavor and covers everything from zeroing and maintenance to low light shooting. I wish NRA would offer full day classes...the SFI format of classes on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening is quite inconvenient. Also while the NRA facility is fantastic, as you know there are some restrictions on 'tactical' instruction.

Todd - any plans for Aim Fast Hit Fast locally in 2010?

12-11-09, 20:58
Call Tom Perroni. He is located in Fredericksburg, VA.

Link-a-roo. (http://commonwealthcriminaljusticeacademy.com/)

12-11-09, 23:55
Todd - any plans for Aim Fast Hit Fast locally in 2010?

Yes. I'm talking to a range operator in Culpeper this weekend. I'm hoping to do one or two AFHFs as well as some 1-day focused "seminars" on things like shooting on the move, etc.

01-06-10, 16:13
I'd also be interested in a noob carbine class. I have a couple rifles I haven't even shot yet! -sad.

01-06-10, 17:01
I would love to put in some trigger time of any kind. I live in Arlington County now and all I've been able to do since I moved back here from Camp Lejeune is zero my carbine. It would be great to get out there shoot. If anybody can find something reasonable let me know.