View Full Version : Triangle Magpul Decal

12-16-09, 13:30
Hey i've seen multiple times in your DVD's and products this decal. I've seen it on your ear protection, and on the cheek support on your CTR's. Is this decal available for purchase? Thanks in advance.

12-16-09, 14:16
here is what they have listed for sale now stickerwise


The triangle one is the training arm AFAIK -- Magpul Dynamics. We got one given to us in the class I was at in the summer

12-17-09, 04:34
If memory serves me correctly the triangle is Magpul Dynamics, the training side, and the circle is Magpul Industries, the equipment side.

I haven't seen the triangle sticker for sale but that doesn't mean it's not out there.