View Full Version : Official release of the Magpul AFG

12-22-09, 15:17
Magpul is proud to announce the release of the AFG (Angled Fore Grip). These will be showing up at your favorite dealer this week! For those that have participated in the Eval of the AFG thank you. You'll see the AFG in black to begin with and FDE, OD and foliage to follow soon after.

Three weeks from product announcement to having them available at your dealer. Now that's an improvement!


12-22-09, 19:21
The speed of delivery is greatly appreciated. Thank you, kind sir.

Mine is already on it's way. :)

12-22-09, 21:29
Given the short time frame between when T&E samples were sent out and the release - is there any expectation (on Magpul's end) of a 2.0 (or REV-M would be the applicable Magpul nomenclature I guess) release of the AFG that incorporates T&E feedback - or was it mostly just for review purposes?

Not being contrary or anything, I'm legitimately curious.