View Full Version : Barrel wrench, upper vise block austin tx

12-22-09, 16:14
Hi Guys,

I going to install an omega x rail, but don't have the standard barrel wrench/vise block. I did order the dd lite rail wrench though. Can I rent/borrow these from anyone in the Austin area? Also it would be cool to meet a fellow m4c member.

Merry Christmas!

Frank Castle
01-13-10, 10:53
Not in Austin and I don't have a barrel wrench either as I shoot an MRP, but I do have a magwell vise block. If you need it, let me know your info and I can ship it out. No rental fee crap- just ship it back once you are finished.

01-13-10, 12:07
Many thanks for the offer Frank, but I need the upper tools. I truly appreciate it!