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12-29-09, 21:42
All right, enough is an enough all ready. Guys, there is just way to much thread locking material on the grip screws for MOEs and MIADs!

I love all the Magpul products and own my fair share. I am a FAN but cringe every time I have to install a grip screw. They are almost impossible to install due to the amount of thread locking compound used.

This statement comes from personally owning twenty plus weapons all with Magpul grips and installing over another 250 MIAD grips in an OEM capacity.

YES, I just finished installing another one!

12-31-09, 02:34
I had the same complaint and Robb (gotM4) told me he hits his with some solvent and a wire brush and cleans it off. Then hits it with a few drops of blue locktite and it's GTG.

The last three I have installed using this technique gave been a breeze.

A buddy of my was positive he crossthreaded his MOE on his SBR because of the stock thread lock.

01-07-10, 14:45
Copy, hear ya loud and clear! Sorry and thanks Fellas.

Lee Indy
01-07-10, 15:33
this is why i love the internet. ive got my first magpul grip waiting for me at home (4months till out of the mid east) and i prolly would have messed it all up if i hadnt seen this. and then the manufacturer gets feedback and stuff improves. :D gotta love internet

01-07-10, 20:19
On my first MOE grip I couldn't get it screwed on. I thought surely I was doing something wrong. After a couple of tries I chased the threads with a die and cut the stuff off. Worked a lot better afterwards.

01-08-10, 06:34

Thanks for listening. It's what really seperates Magpul from the rest.

Sometimes less is more.