View Full Version : MOE vs. MIAD grip question

01-04-10, 16:20
My understanding is that the MOE gip is made of the same material as the MIAD and is just as strong and well made. The only difference is that it does not have the customization that the MIAD has. I currently run a MIAD grip on my M4gery and use the medium backstrap and the straight front. It appears to me that this would be identical to the MOE. I am about to build a second AR and am trying to determine if there is a reason to spend the extra money on the MIAD or would I get the same grip with the MOE since I prefer the size that it appears the MOE mimics. Is this correct?

01-04-10, 16:23
Just use the MOE. I used the large back and straight front on the MIAD and I still prefer the MOE now even thought it's technically a little smaller. I went back and changed all my MIADs to MOE size.