View Full Version : Photos from a weekend of long-range shooting in NM

Zak Smith
03-26-07, 16:44
http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3056_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3056_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3056_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3063_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3063_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3063_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3092_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3092_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3092_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3095_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3095_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3095_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3114_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3114_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3114_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3129_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3129_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3129_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3152_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3152_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3152_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3263_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3263_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3263_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3335_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3335_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3335_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3457_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3457_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3457_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3465_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3465_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3465_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3489_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3489_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3489_img.jpg)

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3583_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3583_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3583_img.jpg)

Also made hits on a 1341-yard approx 2' target with my 308 using 13.9 mils elevation.

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3003_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3003_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3003_img.jpg)
http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3000_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3000_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3000_img.jpg)
http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3010_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3010_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3010_img.jpg)
http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3038_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3038_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3038_img.jpg)

$2000 AICS adapter for the Choate stock:

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3059_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3059_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3059_img.jpg)

03-27-07, 11:23
Looks fun Zak.

Wish there were places around here to shoot like that.

P.S. what suppressor do you have on the accy intl?

Zak Smith
03-27-07, 11:45
I have two JET suppressors for the bolt guns, a .308 and a .338. I usually shoot the .308 can on my 260 and 308 rifles (the 260 is green, the 308 is painted), but when both the 260 and 308 are in use, I put the larger 338 can on the 308.

03-27-07, 12:16
My bad didnt know you had 2 Accy intl's

I tempted to get a suppressor for my .308 but there's just so many choice's LOL!

Zak Smith
03-27-07, 12:19
http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/AI-AWP/smaller/B100_0608_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/AI-AWP/?small=B100_0608_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/AI-AWP/?small=B100_0608_img.jpg)

For suppressors.. JET seems to be having a hard time delivering products on a timely basis right now. I have heard good things about Shark but have no direct experience with them yet. AAC is a solid company, so is Gemetch. When my buddy puts a TPR-S on his LTR, the POI shifts a LOT.

03-27-07, 12:20
That's it . I am tired of living in the peoples republic of Michigan . You guys out west have all the fun and NFA toys. I'm moving!:D

03-27-07, 13:32

And with S&B's and a USO scope to boot!

I miss my AI .

03-27-07, 13:45
Where could I get a pair of the shooting sticks you're using in the 9th photograph. They look like a much better system than my two wooden rods bolted together.

Zak Smith
03-27-07, 15:01
Stoney Point

03-27-07, 18:45
Wow Zak! Makes me miss New Mexico...

Great pics - thanks for sharing.


03-27-07, 19:36
Great pics Zak, I wish I could of been there.

03-28-07, 01:27
What optics you running on those sweet AI's?

Zak Smith
03-28-07, 01:36
Going to S&B PMII's (mrad clicks, P4F reticle) on all. Got 2 of the 3 now.

03-29-07, 23:10

You're killing me! That AI(338) is just beautiful. Looks like a lot of fun too. What's the total package run? 9K?

03-29-07, 23:29

Please take this in the spirit it is intended:


On so many levels, you suck.


Zak Smith
03-30-07, 00:11
Figure about $9k with the Ti can. Anotehr $1 every time you pull the trigger.

03-31-07, 10:21
What kind of jacket is it that you are wearing in the ninth picture down?

Zak Smith
04-01-07, 21:35
Tadgear soft shell.

04-02-07, 00:14
I love the desert (looks like desert to me, anyway). A few years back, I had an opportunity for a L.E. position with the State of Texas. I tried to convince my wife to move to El Paso, in the Sonora Desert near the border with NM and AZ, but she wouldn't budge.

Those are nice rifles, too.