View Full Version : New Skull Logo Sticker Sizes???

01-20-10, 23:25
I just put a 2inch new skull logo on my Jeep rear window, but I was hoping for a 75% and 50% size (1.5 and 1 Inch). I find those people that put on their windows the stick images of their families (dad, mom, kids and the dog) really annoying and bad idea when they put names on them. I wanted to do the same thing but with different sized skulls for me and my wife and kids.

Dammit, meant to put a question mark on the Title.

01-20-10, 23:31
Hit edit, advanced edit and then you can change title of thread ;)

01-20-10, 23:35
Yeah not such a smart idea for those people who put down their children and wives' names on there under those "cute" stickers. Don't want to sound paranoid but you never know...another thing that bugs me is parking outside your house and leaving your garage door opener on the visor in the car...