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03-29-07, 10:21
Accuracy International for your viewing pleasure:

03-29-07, 10:42
Are all those yours?:eek:

Very nice I really like the suppresed one.

03-29-07, 10:52
Yes...there is a mixture of AE's, AW's , and an AWSM .338LM. I saw how much fun Zak was having with his .338LM, so I blame him for the purchase(actually I should be thanking him). If anyone hasn't seen Zak's article in Combat Arms magazine on the .338LM, it is well worth the read.
The suppressed one in the picture is an AE however I tend to thread most of my barrels now for suppressor use.

03-29-07, 15:55
You suck and I hate you. Now can I have one. ;)

03-30-07, 00:34
Now that the weather is getting better, we need to go out and get some rounds down range. Have you found a range to shoot the .338 at yet?

03-30-07, 08:26
Now that the weather is better?? I guess the 5" of snow in my yard doesn't count? Should be nice again by the weekend. We will definitely get out ASAP. I did find a place to shoot the .338(1500m plus) and actually I was suppose to get out today and shoot it but was changing the 22x Mildot Nightforce that is sitting on top over to their MLR reticle and it isn't back from Nightforce yet, plus all of this snow we just got. The property is out in the boonies and the road getting there isn't the best on a good day.
I'm standardizing all my Nightforces to the MLR. When I hit the lotto, I'll put Scmhidt and Benders on all of them like Zak, but until then it is NightForce MLR's and Leupold TMR's for me.
Steel Weasel; thanks for the love brother and no extras as of now to give away, plus the line for the free one is getting very long.

03-30-07, 08:30
Very nice collection you have there RSR.

If I ever have the opportunity to get another one I will without hesitation.

03-30-07, 12:29
wow..........VERY nice collection of AI's.

Zak Smith
03-30-07, 23:00
We were shooting the 338's and 50's to a mile (1760 yards) last weekend. Even the 308's got stretched out to 1340. You need to come out and play more often!!!

http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/smaller/D101_3013_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3013_img.jpg) [ link to LARGER image ] (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/BSR-2007.03/?small=D101_3013_img.jpg)

03-31-07, 00:41
Now that the weather is better?? I guess the 5" of snow in my yard doesn't count?

A little snow never hurt anyone. One of these days I'll get you to do some cold weather training.:)


03-31-07, 01:06
How are the iron sights working out for you at night?;)

03-31-07, 10:14
Holy crap aren't those rifle like 5 grand each? Thats quite a collection you have there my friend :D

04-01-07, 00:18
We were doing low light training with the handguns that night. We just played around with the SBR to see how bad the flash would be. Go to the SBR picture thread and you can see how it's set up now.

I only posted that pic to give RSR a hard time because he won't go shooting with me in the snow. :p

RSR is a good dude. My only long range shooting experience before hitting the range with him was artillery. I learned a lot from him. Trying to keep up with his AI's using my base model Remington 700 adds to the challenge.

04-10-07, 00:10
RSR is a .......

he probably has one, if not the best collection in AI's in America. He also has the passion and skill to shoot em.

All be it....he still doesn't have one of these rail thingies!:p



Zak Smith
04-10-07, 00:33
That photo gives me vertigo!

06-20-07, 12:21
I thought I would post a new angle of the AI family.

06-24-07, 13:18
Sick, just sick I tell you...

...I love it. :D

Zak Smith
06-24-07, 14:20
Some recent photos
http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/6.5x47Lapua/smaller/D101_5985_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/6.5x47Lapua/?small=D101_5985_img.jpg)
............... Larger version of above photo. (http://demigodllc.com/~zak/DigiCam/6.5x47Lapua/?small=D101_5985_img.jpg)
http://demigodllc.com/photo/SteelSafari-2007/smaller/B100_3849_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/photo/SteelSafari-2007/?small=B100_3849_img.jpg)
............... Larger version of above photo. (http://demigodllc.com/photo/SteelSafari-2007/?small=B100_3849_img.jpg)
http://demigodllc.com/photo/SteelSafari-2007/smaller/B100_3854_img.jpg (http://demigodllc.com/photo/SteelSafari-2007/?small=B100_3854_img.jpg)
............... Larger version of above photo. (http://demigodllc.com/photo/SteelSafari-2007/?small=B100_3854_img.jpg)

06-25-07, 04:13
Damn im glad i dont have that fever. I have a hard time forkin out 3k for each AR.

im gonna say thats rougly a $38,000 collection. Thats more then I spent on my car.


06-25-07, 10:30
Cost of NightForce scopes: !?!? Cost of AI's: !?!? Cost of feeding AI's match ammo: !?!? Spending a day at the range banging steel with AI's: PRICELESS

06-26-07, 00:11
I was roughly saying the cost of Ai's not incliding night force its probley closer to 50,000, im not even gonna talk about the ammo to feed those suckers....Simply beautifull collection though.