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02-05-10, 07:29

I have the opportunity to take a private handgun tutorial with Chuck Taylor but was wondering if anybody has had any experience with him compared to some of the larger corporations who also provide basic defensive handgun training. I'm ultimately concerned with the cost, I'm fully aware that Chuck Taylor is a big name in the shooting world, but his offer to train my wife and I for 2 days will cost 1500 dollars. Most of the big companies charge about 500/ea for 2 days. So was wondering if anybody thinks this is really worth it.

Thanks for your input.


02-19-10, 22:48
Just saw this, cannot speak on behalf of Taylor's training but I can for L. Awerbuck's at Yavapai. He is very good with a shotgun and a great instructor. I attended a course from him years ago.

02-24-10, 22:14
You should google up Chuck Taylor as there are other forums that seem to have members who have a familiarity with him and his teaching.