View Full Version : Anyone in Idaho?

02-07-10, 18:58
Looking for any members in Idaho. Interested in getting together to share some time training.

02-08-10, 17:50
here's a bump for ya.

i'm not in idaho, but i do have family in idaho that we'll be visiting in the near future. if we can get enough people from eastern WA, OR, and members from Idaho, maybe we could set something up over there.

i know M4 has users from this area.

OP- you might even consider starting an Idaho-specific group. not sure how you start RTGs with the new system, but The_Katar can give you the run-down.

02-08-10, 18:16
Talk to jakjakman, he's an Idahoian shooter.

02-08-10, 20:48
Talk to jakjakman, he's an Idahoian shooter.

I sent him a PM and i guess we'll see what happens. I recently PCS'd down here from Alaska and am looking for some good opportunities to train. I train plenty on my own, but its always fun to get together with like minded individuals.

03-29-10, 18:20
Another one from North Idaho checking in . There is not much for training around here....
I have my own shooting range to use and me and a few friends train as much as we can, but there is only so much you can do without instructors :rolleyes:

We try to learn as much as we can and this site is a goldmine for info! Also have been watching the Magpul DVDs nonstop. Just hoping to be able to afford a few training classes this year.


05-24-10, 20:09
Emmett checking in!!


01-02-11, 12:15
I'm in Twin Falls.

01-07-11, 03:15
Just seeing who is out there.

01-07-11, 09:01
SE Idaho checking in. IDPA match in Nampa tomorrow.