View Full Version : Thanks Troy @ Midwest Industries for customer service above & beyond

02-11-10, 21:58
I just wanted to thank Troy for his help with a recent problem.

I was installing a MCTAR-20 2 piece free float quad railed carbine hand guard on a new S&W M&P15 when I apparently over torqued one of the 4 main clamping screws that secure the base of the hand guard to the barrel nut. I stripped out the threads in the aluminum.

I emailed customer service through the form on their web site and I got a reply from Troy over the weekend, promising to send me out a replacement part. I didn't claim it was defective, I didn't say it was their fault, in fact I was kicking myself in the butt for over torquing the threads and was inquiring how to buy the replacement part that I damaged.

A couple days later I received a new MCTAR-20 at my home via UPS for no charge.

WOW. Thanks Troy, and I am sold on MI products. (This was not my first MI product, I probably have a dozen of their products already).

05-10-12, 19:58
I had a very similar experience.

After admitting that I stripped the anti-rotation screw on my 2 year old SS-Series handguard, a new (improved version) showed up on my doorstep a few days later.

If you're considering Midwest Industries I can assure you they stand behind what they build with an unbelievable warranty and customer care second to none!

Thanks Troy!

Midwest Industries
06-04-12, 12:27
I will pass this on to Troy.