View Full Version : WTS: Colt A3 Tactical 5.56 Carbine

Ron Flowers
02-14-10, 09:35
FS: Colt A3 Tactical Rifle


Colt A3 Tactical, NIB, approx. $1,200.00 5.56
LaRue Tactical 7.0" Handguard LT15-7 "perfect for a standard carbine-length upgrade" PRICE: $247.00
Tango Down rifle grip approx. $38.00
Vltor Modstock $99.00
PRI GasBuster CH $89.00

The package described above is a new rifle and components. The used rifle for sale is going for $1,450 to your FFL. PMO's, Bank Checks, please.

Will e-mail photos to any interested persons. ronbo29@rcn.com


Guys....this has approx 4K rounds through it, and was not a safe queen, so there are some scratches on the upper and lower. Internals all lovingly maintained.