View Full Version : My $3,000 question: what set up to get?

04-10-07, 23:53
I'm looking to get back in to the long range / precision game.

I used to have an FN PBR, and that was a good rifle, but I really would like to get a Remington 700 based .308 to get into some serious long range target shooting.

Any suggestions with regard to specific rifles or scopes? I still have all my accessories, including my Eagle drag back and scope cover / muzzle protector...

I am set up for hand loading .308 also.

04-11-07, 03:25
The Rem 700 is a nice rifle, and by far the most popular and used. But for around $2200 you can pick up an FN SPR A3 and have 3 times the rifle than the 700. You will get a Pre '64 Winchester claw extractor, fluted heavy chrome line barrel, mcmillian stock with adjustable cheek piece and butt stock, aluminum and steel bedding block, with glass pillar bedding, and an easly adjustable winchester trigger. Can you say PREMO MATCH RIFLE! And it comes with a life time gaurantee, and FN gaurantees it to shoot .5 MOA or better with match ammo. Plus at a long range match with 20 guys with Rem 700's your FN will stand out and get plenty of oohhs and aaahhhs.

04-11-07, 08:51
FN gaurantees it to shoot .5 MOA or better with match ammo.

I was never aware of that. If that's the case, then you should definitely consider it.

$3k will build you one hell of a rifle too.

04-11-07, 09:02
I have a A3G in my office that has 17K rounds and still printing .56 MOA !