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Jay Cunningham
02-19-10, 22:19
I wanted to get a poll out there to get a feel for what people are most interested in. I dug throught he other thread and pulled out some recurring themes:

pistol and carbine basics
sotm and weapon transitions
position shooting
"3 gun type stuff"
low light shooting
weapon retention and disarms

02-19-10, 22:42
We can't go wrong with basics, I voted for SOTM and transitions just because I have no exposure to transitions yet, blades would be my second choice.

lethal dose
02-20-10, 00:45
eventually, i'd like to see us work on everything. the basics is where we have to start... i think pistol and carbine basics, simple transitions, and positional shooting can be incorporated into a 2 or 3 gun type setting. on the 2nd day, we could split the range, have one group recap the first day while the other group touches on some force on force stuff (i.e.- blades, sd, etc.) everyone get your votes in and share your opinions.

02-20-10, 11:57
Im happy with the basics, all the rest is iceing on the cake

Jay Cunningham
02-20-10, 12:05
I know that I am *very* interested in bladework and retention... however I am wondering if we should place that on hold for perhaps the next winter session. That way we can maximize trigger time while the weather is nice.


Jay Cunningham
02-20-10, 12:37
Along the same lines as the above post, it might make sense to conduct low-light study in the Spring and Fall since the light fades earlier. Just some common sense stuff.


Jay Cunningham
02-22-10, 05:03
Well I've had 15 people contact me so far but only 11 vote in the poll...


Come on now.


02-22-10, 09:01
Just voted,
Pistol/Carbine Basics - This was awesome, changed my life!
Three gun type stuff - I'm not even sure exactly what this is?
Position shooting - I have never really done any positions other than standing or prone.

Myself, I think as a rifle based forum... the blade stuff is very secondary.

That being said, I understand the premise that many folks (myself included) that are limited in carry of a firearm may and often do choose to carry a knife. But... this being the rifle forum group, I personally feel that the primary goal is firearm safety and proper use, and somewhere back the line is knife use. Now, I could see knife use as a more stand alone training... maybe setting up a knife and hand-to-hand combat weekend at another time. But to introduce pistols, rifles, knives and some basic hand combat means that each must be watered down to the point of uselessness.

I vote to keep on track and help some of us very untrained and unexperianced folks try to get some form of basic understanding ebedded so that maybe we could go to these formal training classes from acreditted instructors without being the asshole that everyone wished had stayed home. Once we accomplish the initial stated intent, then it would be logical to start looking other methods to bring to the table and share.

I think that a couple of the guys there were similar to me in the fact that once the weekend ended.... we went home and said "WOW!?!? Who would have ever known!"

Justm an opinion, and I know that opinions are like assholes.... Everyone has one, and no one wants to hear anyone elses!


02-22-10, 12:36
I am very interested in pistol and carbine fundamentals/drills. I have been shown a number of interesting things with both but the training at my local facility kind of went from walk to sprint.

The level one pistol class was basic marksmanship, gun handling, safety, etc. I have been shooting my whole life so some of this was redundant. The range session was good as the instructor was able to help me improve my basic marksmanship.

I went back for level two and we moved right into shooting on the move, shooting with a light, discussions of clearing, shooting from retention, etc. We never discussed malfunctions/failures, reloads, where/how to organize your gear, etc. Same with the carbine. I understand how to fire, reload and observe safety but have not had the opportunity to learn to "run it" properly.

I'd like to come away with an outline for my range sessions with the pistol and the carbine to be sure I am praticing the things that matter most and if time allows that weekend, to see/go over the proper techniques.

Katar, I wish I lived a little closer, I'd be hitting you up for some serious range mentoring.

Jay Cunningham
02-22-10, 18:34
Three gun type stuff - I'm not even sure exactly what this is?

I'm not sure what it is either, but someone brought it up.

lethal dose
02-22-10, 18:43
3 gun type stuff... you know... 3 GUN TYPE STUFF... you know...;)

Jay Cunningham
02-22-10, 19:22
3 gun type stuff... you know... 3 GUN TYPE STUFF... you know...;)

Honestly I don't really know anything about it other than it is competition involving pistol, rifle, and shotgun.

02-22-10, 19:33
voted :D

lethal dose
02-22-10, 19:43
Honestly I don't really know anything about it other than it is competition involving pistol, rifle, and shotgun.
Honestly, that's all you really need to know. We will keep it simple. Does grant care to weigh in?

Gutshot John
02-22-10, 20:02
I operated under the assumption that "3 gun" meant competition.

lethal dose
02-22-10, 22:18
I operated under the assumption that "3 gun" meant competition.
We can compete. What you thinkin'?

Jay Cunningham
02-22-10, 23:28
Since I don't really know much about it, here is a resource: