View Full Version : Ok, Ill try this again... RE: Masada/acr

03-24-10, 16:13
First off, let me state that this is NOT an attempt to flame magpul, or even cerebus or bushmaster for that matter. I genuinely would like to know what magpul thinks about the evolution of the Masada since the rights were sold to bushmaster.

Specifically I wanted to know what their thoughts on the reported MSRP is, and the fact that it will apparently come with a 1 in 9 twist barrel.

Ive read most of whats been posted here in regards to this rifle, and did not find the information I was looking for. This is not an attempt to start a flame fest because Im bored, or unhappy with the state of things RE this rifle, so please, take it for what it was meant to be, and honest attempt to solicit information.

If by chance the moderators here feel that this too is out of line, feel free to close this thread too, and I will look elsewhere for information.

03-24-10, 18:19
Its not "Out of line" so to speak, but the only people with the information you seek work for Magpul... Instead of asking you question here, why not goto the source??? If you really want to know, write a letter or email to Magpul with your questions…