View Full Version : MagPul iPhone cases available for pre-order @ Midway

03-27-10, 08:55
I placed 3 on order this am at Midway USA:

While I don't suspect they have their arrival timing right (end March), they offer all the usual colors (plus orange) for $9.45 each and allow back-orders to secure one or more. I have read that they may be a limited production/availability item. For <10 each - why the hell not...

03-27-10, 17:58
Already got mine at SHOT direct from richfitz. :D

03-27-10, 21:45
I wonder if they have taken feedback and made any changes to them since the SHOT Show pre-production models (I have one too). I made a few minor suggestions to them and I would guess I am not the only one to have done so.