View Full Version : MagPul back order?

03-27-10, 17:34
I ordered a sling and the , ASAPAmbidextrous Sling Attachment Point I got the sling a week or so ago and still not attachment. I just do not understand I am looking around and I see other places selling them they are availablie even on ebay.

I try to order from the actual co so I make sure I get an authentic product. I am just a little disapointed waiting to attach this sling? Anyone experiance this?

03-27-10, 20:40
You could always cancel the portion that hasn't come yet. There are plenty of reliable online options for buying one and not have to worry about it being fake. I ordered the thicker butt pad for my CTR and they don't have it in stock and it has been a few weeks now. I would try and buy it elsewhere, but I'm too cheap to pay for the shipping when I will not have to pay for it on this order since they already shipped me half of it.

03-27-10, 22:21
I called and spoke to a customer service lady. She was not rude about it but just very short. Could not give me any information. Really rushed the phone call. That made it a bit worse.

I wish I would have known before I placed the order they were not in stock then I could have bought elsewhere.

03-27-10, 23:09
you can still cancel and buy elsewhere....